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  1. Nick Burns says:

    I had to write this.

    It was the artwork that attracted me to Yes. The whole atmosphere surrounding the band was created not just by the music, but by the supreme dreamscape in the paintings that you produced. I would never have found, Greenslade, Badger, Osibisa etc. without your pointing the way.

    I find my own paintings heavily influenced by you, though I try very hard for them not to be. Airbrushing techniques and imagery in particular.

    Now 57, I am still amazed at the beauty, clarity and accuracy of your work.

    What an accomplished career.

    Thanks Roger!

    I will always be among your greatest admirers.

  2. Jon Ross says:

    It seems that you have influenced James Cameron in the making of, “Avatar”, and especially “Pandora”. Has this been officially confirmed?. It was lovely meeting you at Ricks gig at Hampton court palace.

  3. Philip M says:

    As a young boy in the late 60s, my vision of what REAL art was changed forever with the first YES album work.

    Art, to me , is and shall ever be, Roger Dean.

    Thanks for changing a young boy’s life Mr. Dean.

    I still get goosebumps when I see the artwork from Fragile, Tales From Topographic Oceans, Close To The Edge, Relayer, or the YES logo. Really, any of your work.

    And a whole gereration of kids in my family have begun to lobby for my collection of prints and YES memorabilia.

    I have been a Roger Dean fan for the better part of half a century now.

    Thanks for the ride. You should be proud of the beauty and happiness you have brought to the world.

    You made a difference.

  4. Ron Beaudoin says:

    I have always wondered what the original artwork of Asia’s Arcadia, before it was released as Astra with the robot girl cover. Would love to see it.

  5. Alan Donohue says:

    I’ve always loved Roger’s works. His times at Marvel Comics was a major influence in my artistic style. Thank you Mr Dean.

  6. victor vizcarro says:

    the best in art

  7. victor vizcarro says:

    tengo todos los libros desde que los publicaste son lo mejor

  8. Miranda Rooney says:

    Hi there,

    I have an original Roger Dean limited edition dragons garden I am looking to sell.

    Can you advise if you are interested or who I should contact re this?

    Miranda Rooney Australia

  9. Sheila Forte says:

    Roger Dean is the perfect artist for YES! A match made in heaven!

  10. gonzalez juan antonio says:

    very very good. I like much your works and i love your this is

  11. paulo says:


    Do you still have the Game Over screen of Beast II available?

  12. Arturo Puerta says:

    Did you did the cover for the Colin Greenslade book “Other Voices”? Can we see the complete painting?

    Kind regards…

  13. Clive Woodvine says:

    I have two spaces on the wall of my home studio for :

    1. The Old Bridge and
    2. Badger

    Will these ever be available as prints ?

    Best regards.

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