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         Yes Tour 2023

Roger will be talking about his  work, there will be stories and a slideshow with some much loved favourite projected paintings and some surprise new ones.

Before the show there will be an exhibition of Rogers' art at the gallery stand and Roger will be there to answer  your questions.

For further information, tour dates and venues,

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Roger Dean Tetris Butterfly


Welcome to the World of Roger Dean

His story, paintings, prints, books and other keys to places of wonder and delight.

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Roger Dean Tetris Butterfly

Discover Roger Dean ...

Browse and choose any one of the painting sessions that Roger recorded during lockdown, from the YouTube link below. These can last for anything up to an hour and are free of charge for your enjoyment and hopefully will add to your array of visual art skills.

Alternatively, check out the podcast featuring interviews that are also available through the Podcast link below with interviewees as diverse as Stephen Fry, Neil Gaiman and Chris Braide. Kick back, relax, and enjoy as Roger and friends chat about creativity, motivation, technique and other observations about life and the great hereafter, you are not alone.

Everyone needs a little bit of joy in their life to wake up to, and for some of us, that is a bit of art that makes us smile, before we take a deep breath and jump into the day.

There is no denying that Roger's paintings can transport you to another place where the rules of nature are loosened and in the limitless blue space of the sky, gravity is defied and green verdant islands with waterfalls and the branches of trees sweep the wind unhooked from its grip.

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