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Through the early part of the 70’s Roger had been planning to publish a book, whenever he designed an album cover he commissioned a clean set of film with paper proofs and started seeing and writing to publishers. After being turned down by nearly 30

Retreat Pods

The design of the Retreat Pods was a collaborative design venture with his brother Martyn Dean. Originally intended to accommodate two or three people as a self-contained audio-visual unit. It briefly made an appearance in Stanley Kubric’s film, A Clockwork Orange, based upon Anthony Burgess’s novel

Stage Sets

Roger’s collaboration with the UK band Yes, included designing some of their most memorable stage sets. Venues in the U.S. can be huge and accommodate audiences in the tens of thousands. In 1974 Yes played at The Spectrum in Philadelphia with a capacity of over eighteen

The Sea Urchin Chair

Designed in 1966 whilst still a student at the Royal College of Art. This chair was designed to be approachable from any direction and to provide comfortable, stable and supportive seating for the occupant. It is a simple, beautiful and functional object. A prototype of this

Home For Life

Roger Dean has designed a house for the new millennium, it is beautiful, environmentally kind, but cheap and quick to build. It began as a college project to design a child’s bed and grew into a radically new form of architecture. The curvilinear buildings that appear

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