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  • Betty Lynn

    💖🦋 Should Fans Approach in public -Yes or No?
    Do you use SEALANT or VARNISH?
    Ever use real Mummy Brown?
    Where is the line between INSPIRED and DERIVATIVE ?
    keeping PAINT in CUPS from DRYING OUT HOW?- it’s been DAYS?!
    When ROLLING a CANVAS how do you AVOID CRACKING the acrylic PAINT?
    IF BLIND Would you continue to paint?
    Repair “HOUSE FOR LIFE” and rent on AirBnB!
    FREYJA – Were you allowed to play in “HOUSE FOR LIFE” as a child?
    Ever paint something to impress a girl?
    FOR BOTH -Ever draw or paint on wall as a child?
    Dealing w friends wanting work for free?
    Ever bartered or pay with a drawing?
    Tshirt – polyester or cotton?

    28th May 2020at2:13 pm

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