Roger and the Gallery at Trading Boundaries will be exhibiting and selling his prints at the venues where The Royal Tour will be performed.

All the equipment and prints are very kindly being transported with Carl Palmer’s Instruments. Carl’s trailer is one of the first to set off from the venue, so the logistics of the tour mean that we have to dismantle and pack immediately after the intermission. We can take orders and ship.

To purchase tickets for the shows please go to

Valentino Summer 2020

Valentino, Men’s collection Summer 2020 by Pierpaolo Piccioli

Travelling is certainly a physical activity, but it truly enlightens and enriches when it takes the form of a free-flowing borderless meandering of the mind.Travelers who go on journeys within the realm of their own minds are capable of transcending boundaries to reach the elsewhere, expanding possibilities and imagining utopias.As signs and traces of different cultures mingle and flow in a sartorial present that makes everything possible, an exotic utopia materializes. Differences come together and everything finds a meaning – another meaning, with an unexpected significance – in the dialogue with the other.Lines flow, colors glow as the high and the low, the bright and the earthy mingle and twine. The purity of the djellaba, the simplicity of the caftan, the human authenticity, a touch of handmade crochet and embroidery encounters the precision of the suit, the ease of flowing outerwear. Imaginative landscapes – exotic utopias, indeed – created by artist Roger Dean, who designs the elsewhere, many elsewhere’s, in bright colors onto surfaces, materializing imagined places, making them visible, hence real.As the journey changes the traveler, readdressing habits, gestures and views, so the act of dressing gains a lighthearted absent-mindedness: a straw hat on the head, Valentino Garavani Rockrunner Plus sneakers at the feet, practical bags in the hand. There is no final destination to the journey, which happens in the here and in the now.Utopias have the power to shape what is not there, and are charged with the urge to make it happen. The elsewhere is made possible.#ValentinoMenSS20

The Yes Royal Affair Tour

Roger will be accompanying Yes on their 2019 Royal Affair Tour. He will be taking some of his artwork with him.

At the beginning of his friendship with the members of Yes, Roger had the idea of a story about a child who lived on a tiny planet. The cover paintings for, Close to the Edge became the first manifestation of the story. He is now recording the story in words, as well as paintings, and we will keep you up to date with his progress.

The unmissable Wallaby

Wallabies gone wild

Roger was asked to create a unique Wallaby for the fundraising summer activities for the Isle of Man Hospice.

If there’s anyone out there who would like to check out the Wallaby trail or donate to this fantastic place on a little wild island between England and Ireland, please click on the link. As you can see, the Wallaby in the photograph was never intended to fade into the background.

Roger’s interest in camouflage is just as useful when it comes to making something visible, as invisible. He had no idea until this creature arrived how big it as going to be, or how heavy! The idea was that it should be fun as a project, as well as fun to have around.

Fly From Here

Yes’s album, ‘Fly From Here’ is decorated with airmail letters. Where did they came from, who sent them and who were they meant for? This needs investigating, there is no conclusive evidence with regard to where they came from, who sent them and who they were meant for, can you help?

The covers, names and address’s are almost indecipherable. One has been sent from Argentina to England and the other from Basra to Cairo, this one is marked urgent. Someone could need help, is it already too late?

The first airmail
The second airmail

After Nick Bantock whose work I love in fact all his books are great!