Fly From Here

Yes’s album, ‘Fly From Here’ is decorated with airmail letters. Where did they came from, who sent them and who were they meant for? This needs investigating, there is no conclusive evidence with regard to where they came from, who sent them and who they were meant for, can you help?

The covers, names and address’s are almost indecipherable. One has been sent from Argentina to England and the other from Basra to Cairo, this one is marked urgent. Someone could need help, is it already too late?

The first airmail
The second airmail

After Nick Bantock whose work I love in fact all his books are great!


Early Yes

In 1974 Roger travelled with Yes, and from time to time, did what we all do, record his adventures in photographs. These are a sample of some of the photographs that he took.

In their twenties, Yes were already playing to audiences of tens of thousands in massive auditoriums, sometimes more than twice a day in the United States.

The stage sets, lighting equipment, instruments, engineers and support staff came to form an airborne caravanserai from the UK. Landing in the US, Yes were welcomed in this far off place and invited to perform their magic, which they did, to great acclaim.