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As a child I was very enthusiastic about drawing all natural history but badgers were a favourite subject. This painting was planned to be much more complex but I had been working on it for only half a day when I realised it was finished. I looked at it for another few hours but could see nothing more to do. It is both one of my simplest paintings and one of my most popular. Many years later I revisited the painting to produce a limited edition fine art print. for the print to be more unique i redrew the badgers to replaced the existing ones.

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Paper 140 lb’s (300 gsm) Moulin Du Roi
Paper Size 36” x 21” (920mm x 530mm)
Image Size 23” x 15.5” (585mm x 395mm)
Edition Size 250 plus 25 artists proofs
© Roger Dean 2017

  1. Amy

    My mother owned a copy of this beautiful work. It’s an amazingly beautiful piece.

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