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The unmissable Wallaby

Wallabies gone wild

Roger was asked to create a unique Wallaby for the fundraising summer activities for the Isle of Man Hospice.

If there’s anyone out there who would like to check out the Wallaby trail or donate to this fantastic place on a little wild island between England and Ireland, please click on the link. https://www.hospice.org.im/wallabies-gone-wild/. As you can see, the Wallaby in the photograph was never intended to fade into the background.

Roger’s interest in camouflage is just as useful when it comes to making something visible, as invisible. He had no idea until this creature arrived how big it as going to be, or how heavy! The idea was that it should be fun as a project, as well as fun to have around.

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  • Arturo Puerta


    28th May 2019at6:33 am

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